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International speakers

Professor Yasuhisa Fujibayashi (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan);

President of the Federation of Asian Societies for Molecular Imaging.


Professor Xiaoyuan Chen (National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, USA);

Chief Editor of Theranostics

Local speakers

Chemistry and Probes Technology


Dr Bimbil Graham

Monash University


Dr Giancarlo Pascali


Dr Max Massi

Curtin University

Dr Uwe Ackermann

University of Melbourne

Assoc. Prof Paul Donnelly

University of Melbourne

Technology and Development


Prof Steven Meikle

University of Sydney


Prof David Reilly

University of Sydney


Dr Wojtek James Goscinski

Monash University


Dr Ethan Scott

University of Queensland


Dr Viktor Vegh

University of Queensland

Program for download

Preclinical and First-in-Human studies


Prof Andrew Scott

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Inst.


Prof Karlheinz Peter

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute


Assoc. Prof Juliana Hamzah

Harry Perkins Inst. of Medical Research


Dr James Pearson

Monash University


Dr Carleen Cullinane

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Dr Marianne Keller



Dr Gary Cowin

Centre for Advance Imaging

Past seminars


University of Queensland


University of Sydney


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